Country Living in France: Laure Selignac featured in Maisons de Campagne

Do you have dreams of retiring to the French countryside someday?  Why not bring the elegance and ease of French living into your home’s modern decor.

Maisons de Campagne recently featured Laure Selignac’s new modern classic from the best-selling Lily of the Valley Porcelain Collection:  Muguet’s Secret Box.

Dragonfly porcelain box selected by Maison de Campagne
French magazine chooses Laure Selignac Muguet Collection
Limoges porcelain expertise highlighted by French magazine
Porcelain trends in French country living magazine.

An exquisite example of fine French Limoges porcelain.  This box is as unique as the treasured items it will hold.  A dragonfly perches on top and on the gold clasp. Muguet flowers are spread gracefully next to him reminding us of rebirth and the coming of Spring.

Hand-painted by artisans trained in the respected methods of the Royal School of Sevres, this box features an elegant dragonfly sitting quietly on the lid and another delicately placed on the closure. Each piece is unique and can be altered to individual specifications.

Starter piece from the Muguet Porcelain Collection
Dragonfly box from the Muguet Collection

Available as part of the LIly of the Valley Porcelain Collection, this piece would make an excellent starter piece to the collection. View the rest of the collection here: