Deco Magazine: Porcelain Vase is a Christmas Favorite

Exciting news this holiday season!

Acknowledging an increasing trend in using unique and luxurious porcelain to accent modern home decors, Deco Magazine has selected several pieces from our Tourbillon d’Or Collection to feature as the ultimate gift to give this year.  The Tourbillon d’Or Collection represents a new trend in hand-painted porcelain inspired by beautiful arabesque themes.  Touches of gold and silver throughout the collection will bring cheer this holiday season and throughout the year.

The real beauty of this type of gift is that it is both unique and part of a luxurious collection.  A gift can start with one piece from the collection followed by a new piece every year. Porcelain from Laure Selignac really is the perfect gift!

Gifts from France
Cover of Deco Magazine featuring Laure Selignac Hand-painted French Porcelain
Tourbillon Collection by Laure Selignac
Gifts from France selected by Deco Mag

The Tourbillon d’Or Collection includes a variety of decorative pieces such as trinket trays, lamps, vases, porcelain candlesticks and even porcelain jewelry. Each piece is hand-painted and finished with gold detailing. Additional color schemes are also available. Contact Laure Selignac for details:

Arabesque Inspired Porcelain Lamp
Hand-painted porcelain lamp from France