Modern French Style in Moscow

Moscow is an extraordinary place where a blend of cultures and luxury go hand in hand. The Russian press recently chose Laure Selignac’s very fashion forward monochromatic butterfly porcelain cup to feature in their top picks of home accessories.

Yellow butterfly brings French Style to Moscow
Moscow press features gold butterfly cup from Laure Selignac


Porcelain Gold Butterfly

Porcelain Gold Butterfly featured in top Russian magazine

Laure Selignac has once again broken the mold of the porcelain industry with this avant-garde design which has become an instant modern classic. A delicate gold butterfly sits lightly on the rim of this hand-painted tulip shaped cup produced entirely in France by the artisans at Laure Selignac.  For nearly a century, the Maison Laure Selignac has prided itself in a rigorous respect of the methods taught by the Royal School of Sevres. This new piece still respects these traditional methods but brings this artform into the 21st century.

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