Tourbillon Collection in French Limoges Porcelain

French Limoges Porcelain with a Modern Twist

FRENCH LIMOGES PORCELAIN with a MODERN TWIST. . . or should I say arabesque ?

Tourbillon Collection in French Limoges Porcelain
French Limoges Porcelain – Tourbillon Collection


Why do we love French Limoges Porcelain? Just say the words and you are filled with pride as you describe a piece of vintage Limoges porcelain given to you by your mother or grandmother. Not only is Limoges porcelain valuable, it is rich in tradition, expertise, rich materials, and often . . . memories. This is what makes it collectible.  This is what makes it special.

Vintage pieces of porcelain are priceless pieces of history but often do not adapt to modern decors. This is why the Maison Laure Selignac is so important to the French porcelain industry today. As a prominent independent French porcelain manufacturer, Laure Selignac takes great pride in applying historically accurate methods and processes to designs and motifs that suit today’s modern interiors. This ability to translate the old into the new makes French Limoges porcelain from Laure Selignac highly practical, beautiful and uniquely placed to be treasured by the new generation of French porcelain collectors.

A recent addition to the Laure Selignac family, the Tourbillon Collection was inspired by the festive end of the year holiday activities that flooded the streets of Paris. Luxurious and refined are often the words used to describe this collection. The elegant gold and platinum arabesques move and intertwine as our eye follows their trail to a faraway land.
Enchanting and spirited, the Tourbillon Collection blends easily with any modern home decor at any time of year.

The Tourbillon Collection is a new modern classic. Filled with movement, this luxurious motif works especially well on pieces like lamps, trinket trays, and decorative boxes or as an accent piece on your table. Completely hand-painted porcelain, gilded with gold-leaf by the artisans of Maison Laure Selignac. Available for purchase in Prune or Black.

Open our brochure (PDF) for the Tourbillon Collection to view other pieces from this French porcelain dinnerware collection: Tourbillon Collection_Laure Selignac_EN