Akcenty Boutique Features Laure Selignac in Luxury Gift Catalog

Laure Selignac was recently honored to have several fine porcelain pieces featured in Akcenty’s creative luxury gift catalog.

Akcenty Boutique in Moscow specializes in exquisite and unusual luxury gifts.  They recently contacted us about several of their favorite pieces at Laure Selignac, Paris.  The project grew into a beautifully curated selection of luxury gifts that only Akcenty could bring together.

Following the curation process, they created an innovative catalog which features the story of inspiration and craftsmanship behind each piece.

Innovative Luxury Gift Catalog from Akcenty Boutique in Moscow

Inside, you will find individual cards detailing the creations offered by this one-of-a-kind boutique in Moscow.


Catalog from Akcenty Boutique features fine porcelain from Laure Selignac.
Catalog from Akcenty Boutique features fine porcelain from Laure Selignac.






Individual cards cleverly ask the reader questions on each piece.








Laure Selignac is a grand admirer of butterflies!

The ultimate symbol of metamorphosis and change . . . butterflies combine a beautiful aesthetic and decorative qualities.  When featured in works,  such as our INFINITE BUTTERFLY COLLECTION, tradition and modern design come together in new and exciting ways.



The décor selected by Akcenty features delicately perched butterflies in a rich hue of yellow on a porcelain entirely hand-painted by our artisans—a modern design steeped in tradition.
To learn more, discover our unique Yellow Porcelain Vase with Butterflies.


Discover more luxury gifts in Limoges porcelain at www.LaureSelignac.com .