BFM TV France speaks with Alexandra Groussard of Laure Selignac about Fine French Porcelain

BFM TV Speaks with Alexandra Groussard about Luxury Porcelain in France

BFM TV in France recently spoke with the Director of Laure Selignac, Alexandra Groussard.  The discussion was focused on the fine art and historically important traditions that make fine French porcelain unique in the world of decorative arts.

Ms. Groussard explained how she began working in this industry and gave a brief overview of how the industry has changed in recent years.  There used to be many small boutique and often family owned fine porcelain makers in France. However, as the economy has changed, so has the world of porcelain.

BFM TV France speaks with Alexandra Groussard of Laure Selignac about Fine French Porcelain

French porcelain from Laure Selignac featured on BFM TV

Established in 1919, today Laure Selignac is one of the few remaining family-owned porcelain makers who create their pieces exclusively in France and by hand.  Laure Selignac prides itself in respecting the traditional methods of fine decorative porcelain makers and is proud to say that everything is “made in France,” even including the packaging in which each piece is shipped.

Ms. Groussard further explained the process of creation behind each piece citing several examples.  Schooled in the methods of the Royal School of Sèvres, the artists at Laure Selignac are rare in their skillset and expertise.  They posess a “savoir-faire” not often seen in today’s world of porcelain and table decoration.

Ms. Groussard described how Laure Selignac is often invited to demonstrate their knowledge at events held by partners in the luxury industry such as the Crillon in Paris and Hermès.

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