Porcelain Fit for a Queen! Marie-Antoinette Collection

A fascinating personality, Marie-Antoinette was impassioned by the arts, music and theatre. She had a sincere appreciation for fashion and beautiful décor.

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Our fine French porcelain Marie-Antoinette Collection from Limoges, France honours her preference for bright and pastel colours with an overflowing bouquet of flowers combined with a delicate ribbon surrounding each piece and highlighted by embossed gold or gold relief throughout. A collection worthy of royalty. . .

Marie-Antoinette Porcelain Tea Service, Fine French Porcelain Dinnerware
Fine French Porcelain Dinnerware: Marie-Antoinette Porcelain Tea Service

The Marie-Antoinette Collection is reminiscent of vintage French porcelain patterns often associated with Marie-Antoinette’s time.  Gold relief, pastel colours, elegant feminine touches . . . we are sure Marie-Antoinette would have appreciated this design and impressive demonstration of unique French expertise.

This collection includes a variety of French porcelain dinnerware, pill boxes, lamps and porcelain trays.  Each piece is completely hand-painted, gilt with gold on Limoges porcelain and produced entirely in France.  Discover our full selection of luxury decorative porcelain on our online catalog:  www.laureselignac.com

Looking for a collectible porcelain gift?  This collection features numerous unique pieces that are sure to please and each piece can be personalized for free.  Perfect for an anniversary, birthday or as a baby gift, the Marie-Antoinette Collection is unique and timeless.

Perfect gift for anniversary, birthday or as a baby gift-- porcelain from Laure Selignac
Perfect gift for anniversary, birthday or as a baby gift– Heart Shaped Pillbox in Limoges Porcelain